The 05 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Is Draining So Fast

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    Flat phone batteries may be really inconvenient, especially if we need to use our phones when we are away from home. It may feel like you are charging your phone for hours before it runs out of juice. But why is your phone’s battery dying so quickly? You might be shocked to hear that a number of things can cause your battery to discharge without your notice, but by taking charge of them, you can extend the battery’s life.

    We have identified some of the main causes of the most battery drain on mobile devices using our high-speed. Here are the top five things you should avoid doing in order to save your battery, especially in an emergency.

    1. Staying Connected

      It may seem obvious to always have your Wi-Fi or data on so you can stay connected day and night. However, since you’ll be continuously getting alerts, background updates, and other things, doing this will severely drain your phone’s battery.

      Turning off your Wi-Fi while you’re sleeping is recommended. Of course, you could just activate Airplane Mode on your phone. You may disable your Wi-Fi and data in your phone’s drop-down menu so that you can still take calls if you’re worried that you’ll miss an essential call. Keep in mind that switching to Do Not Disturb mode on your phone does not cut off your access to Wi-Fi or data, you’d still be connected to your home Wi-Fi like HughesNet or any provider you are subscribed to.

      Your phone’s battery life may occasionally be determined by the battery itself rather than an app or setting. Phones deteriorate over time, just like anything else, and your battery won’t be as powerful as it once was.

      It’s now simpler than ever for you to know when it’s time to replace your battery because the majority of modern phones have a built-in feature for doing so.

    2. Extremely Bright Display

      We’ll start with screen brightness as it’s one of the main causes of a phone battery dying quickly.

      Turning your light all the way up when you’re outside can seem reasonable, but doing so drains your battery.

      Additionally, using light mode while your phone’s brightness is at its highest dramatically reduces battery life. Reduce the brightness of your screen as much as you can to retain that extra bit of battery life.

      Your phone’s brightness settings may be adjusted so that it can adjust to changes in the surrounding lighting. As a result, it will be able to get darker in low light and brighter in high light. To do this, you must first go to the Display or Display & Brightness area of your phone’s settings.

      Your phone’s brightness may be changed here, which can eventually help you preserve battery life.

      However, a dull screen isn’t always useful, especially if you have impaired vision. What additional choices do you have besides lowering the brightness of your screen?
      Another choice is to switch your phone’s display to dark mode on both the main screen and the displays of your frequently used applications. Your phone’s standard white menu and app backgrounds will now be darker. You’ll be surprised at how much battery life this might preserve without reducing brightness.

    3. Running background applications

      When you aren’t using an app, it basically keeps operating in the background. Applications that monitor or control certain aspects of your phone, such as calendar, health, antivirus, and VPN software, quickly deplete the battery.

      Many of these apps also do not require to be operating in the background. What steps must you take to stop background apps from running?

      From your Settings, choose Device Care (Android) or Battery (iPhone). The option for battery optimization should then show up; selecting it will end any unnecessary background programs. It’s something to consider because you might end up conserving a lot of battery life.

    4. Picture-in-Picture mode

      If you use Twitch, YouTube Premium, or a similar app on your phone, you may be familiar with picture-in-picture mode. You must do this while using other applications in a small viewing area on your screen when watching any movie or stream. The battery on your phone will be depleted if you use many apps at once, despite how convenient it is.
      To disable picture-in-picture mode for particular apps, go to your phone’s settings and choose the Apps section on an Android device or Picture in Picture under the General section on an iPhone.

      Then select the desired program from the list that appears. Now you may access the app’s basic settings and permissions. If the app has a Picture in Picture option, you may select it and toggle between enabling and disabling it from this point.

    5. App for tracking locations

      There are several apps that can find you, including retail apps, Deliveroo, Google Maps, Tinder, etc. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, these applications may track your whereabouts even when you aren’t using them directly. The continuous location tracking drains your phone’s battery and might make it last less time.

      Turning off the location from your phone’s setting is the simplest way to go about it.


    You may make the most of your phone’s battery and stop it from running out so soon by following the aforementioned advice. Your phone dying unexpectedly is always frustrating. You never know; you could even find that you no longer need to pack your portable charger anymore if you follow the above tips!


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