The Best Dream Address Code Islands to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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    With the second Summertime Update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fans of the game have a brand new way to visit other friends, or streamer and influencer, islands without having to rely on them being online to visit.

    However, of course, we had to go out and search for some of the much better ones for everybody to visit whenever they have time to do so, so here is a selection of some of our individual favorites that you should invest in when it fits the mood.

    Just keep in mind to have Nintendo Switch Online membership, otherwise, you won’t be able to participate in this feature.


    There is something about a Japanese aesthetic with an Onsen that just unwinds use and we hope it does for you!


    There are a lot of bright colors and the waterfall displays are out of this world. The information is amazing and is absolutely someplace you should check out!


    Every part of this forested island has been calculated and created to make you feel like you are in a fantasy part of the world everything is just so perfect!


    If you are a fan of the unidentified or want to step into a place out of a fairy tale book, then you may want to go visit this wonderful place right now!

    Last But Not Least:ย DA-5340-3883-1201

    We could not help but finish this list with one of our own and for good reason. The island has a variety of some of the more cherished villagers like Ramond, Judy, Audie, etc, however also has a finished Museum that players can walk around to see what one looks like should they not be willing to put the effort into completing it themselves.

    We hope you guys like it!


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