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    While your trekking boots, surfboards, and cologne continue to collect dust in these uncertain times, battle royale is up and running with muscle suits, bathrobes, and a little magic.

    This week was no exception as the Fantasy Battle Royale event that dropped on April 1 rolled into its second (bonus offer) week. Countless players hopped into the speculative and whimsical mode and had fun with relentless vitality through the original April 7 end date. Now, the wizardry and class-crafting enjoyable is blazing through April 12, and it’s clear how we got here:

    For some, this was a terrific chance to show off their quarantine closets proudly.

    We accept the label of “silly” with honor and are happy survivors are beginning to detect the flashing capacity in FBR’s mechanics.

    Showing all of that after that, the power of unicorns is long-lasting.

    Coming off the Bench

    The most diverse team lineup– Paladin, Warrior, Wizard, and Ranger– was the most popular and most useful; however, we currently understood that it would hold true thanks to years of dungeon crawling games.

    The next four most popular lineups were also exciting:

    • Paladin-Warrior-Warrior-Wizard
    • Paladin-Ranger-Ranger-Wizard
    • Paladin-Ranger-Wizard-Wizard
    • Ranger-Warrior-Warrior-Wizard

    None of those four lineups had particularly strong winning percentages; however, the capability to form specific playstyles appeared to have excellent appeal.

    Ranger Danger

    Rangers were the least deadly class (outside of the nonconfrontational Paladin) when Fantasy Battle Royale began but still within striking distance of Warrior and Wizard in kills per game Now, Rangers are the secret to success, giving out the highest variety of kills per game. It appears after exploring early on battle royale perfectionists wound up choosing what they understood best.

    The Phase Ahead

    Look for the first thoughts on PubG Season 7 and the new Vikendi next week with some other surprises.


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