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    The First Descendant Overview

    The First Descendant Guide

    Embark on an extraordinary journey in the world of The First Descendant! This comprehensive guide has been meticulously crafted to provide you with an in-depth understanding of this exciting new game. Discover the details of classes, unravel the leveling process, delve into crafting, explore thrilling end-game activities, and much more.

    We’ve designed our guide on The First Descendant looter-shooter game with a user-friendly structure in mind, ensuring it’s easy to follow and navigate.

    Let’s not waste any time and delve right in, shall we?

    What is The First Descendant

    The First Descendant (TFD) is a new free-to-play, third-person shooter that transports the player to an immersive universe. Developed by Nexon, TFD combines the best elements of beloved titles such as Destiny 2 and Warframe, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

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    Upcoming, we will discuss the release date of The First Descendant.

    When does The First Descendant release?

    Sadly, the release date for The First Descendant is still yet to be announced officially. However, there’s growing anticipation and some whispers in the rumor, suggesting a possible release date at the beginning of 2024.

    Transitioning to a brighter topic, let’s delve into the fascinating classes.

    The First Descendant Classes

    In TFD, there are 11 diverse classes, including damage dealers, tanks, and debuffers. Each class comes equipped with its own set of distinctive abilities and playstyles, enriching the gaming experience with depth and variety.

    In the following sub-section, we will talk about the descendants and their stats.

    The First Descendant Classes
    source: in-game screenshot.

    Descendants & Stats

    Every descendant comes equipped with a set of core stats: DEF, Max HP, Max MP, Max Shield, and Shield Recovery out of combat. These essential attributes are destined to grow for their specific role as they progress through their journey.

    Viessa | Role: Debuffer

    Abilities: Ice Sphere (Passive), Frost Shards, Frost Road, Ice Wave, Cold Snap.

    First of all, meet Viessa, a formidable debuffer who wields icy skills. She freezes foes in their tracks, leaving them immobilized in the face of her chilling abilities. Her unparalleled strength lies in her extraordinary shield recovery outside of combat and max shield.

    NOTE: Ultimate Viessa maintains the same skills but features enhanced overall character statistics.

    Ajax | Role: Tank Dealer

    Abilities: Event Horizon (Passive), Orbit Barrier, Void Walk, Expulsion, Hypercube.

    Introducing Ajax, the enigmatic survivor of the void, renowned for his mastery over distorting physical space. His unmatched capacity for his max shield and shield recovery outside of combat makes him an indispensable guardian and a formidable force on the battlefield.

    Lepic | Role: AoE Dealer

    Abilities: Close Call (Passive), Grenade, Overclock, Traction Grenade, Overkill.

    Allow me to introduce Lepic, a remarkable survivor and a beacon of cheerfulness even in the darkest of times. As the sole survivor of the 44th Grenadier Squad, he’s earned his reputation as an explosives specialist. His primary strength lies in his impressive max HP and max MP.

    NOTE: Ultimate Lepic maintains the same skills but features enhanced overall character statistics.

    Jayber | Role: Utility Dealer

    Abilities: Turret Sync (Passive), Assault Turret, Medical Turret, Multi-Purpose Gun, Reactive.

    Meet Jayber, the master of remotely operated turrets, whose intellect is the anchor of victory on the battlefield. With a mind as sharp as a blade, he deploys and controls turrets with unparalleled precision. His mastery of max shield and max MP equips him to outsmart and outmaneuver opponents, cementing his status as an invaluable asset in any battle.

    Sharen | Role: Close-Range Dealer

    Abilities: Assassinator (Passive), Cutoff Beam, Active Camouflage, Impact Rounds, Flash Shortsword.

    Sharen bears no grudge against her past accident; instead, her cutting-edge cyborg body has transformed into her deadliest tool as an assassin. Her power thrives in her formidable max MP and max Shield, making her a formidable force in the world of espionage.

    Gley | Role: Utility Dealer

    Abilities: Thirst (Passive), Frenzied, Life Siphon, Increased Sensory, Massacre.

    Furthermore, we have Gley, a relentless force sparing no effort in her pursuit of strength. The more she consumes herself, the mightier she becomes. Her extraordinary power stems from the incredible max HP, allowing her to push the limits and emerge as an unstoppable presence on the battlefield.

    Blair | Role: DoT Dealer

    Abilities: Pitmaster (Passive), Blaze Up, Extinguish, Burn Taste, Deadly Cuisine.

    Playing with fire isn’t a skill for everyone, but Blair has mastered the pyromaniac technique, granting him the ability to wield flames at his will. Renowned for the exceptional max HP, he’s a formidable presence known for his fiery prowess.

    Bunny | Role: Nuker

    Abilities: Rabbit Foot (Passives), Thrill Bomb, Light Speeding, Lightning Emissions, Maximum Power

    Common sense dictates that electricity cannot be conjured from anything, but this rule doesn’t apply to Bunny, also known as the “speed demon.” Her abilities are centered around harnessing the power of lightning. Bunny excels in max MP and max Shield, making her a force of nature on the battlefield.

    Freyna | Role: DoT Dealer

    Abilities: Unauthorized Bullet (Passive), Toxic Trauma, Defence Mechanism, Decomposed Poison, Venomous Baptism.

    Freyna, a survivor who has faced her suffering with deadly determination, shattered her limits to master the art of poison control. She wields lethal toxins with ease. Frenya’s resilience stems from her formidable DEF and max Shield, making her a reliable protector capable of withstanding even the deadliest threats.

    Valby | Role: AoE Dealer

    Abilities: Water Intake (Passive), Bubble Bullet, Plop Plop, Laundry, Laundry Bomb.

    In addition to the roster, there’s Valby. While she may appear as a terrifying rip current to her foes, she’s a refreshing ocean wave to her teammates. Valby employs high-pressure water to blast her enemies into submission. Her specialization lies in max MP and max Shield, making her an indomitable force on the battlefield and a reliable ally to her comrades.

    Kyle | Role: Tanker

    Abilities: Experienced Technician (Passive), Repulsive Dash, Magnetic Bulwark, Magnetic Spurt, Superconductivity Thrusters.

    Concluding our descendants, with his magnetic field prowess, Kyle stands as a reliable shield for his teammates on the battlefield. His robotic attire allows him to effortlessly summon protective shields for himself and his allies. His formidable strength derives from his exceptional max Shield and DEF, making him an unyielding guardian defender.

    Now that we’ve gone through all the characters and their abilities, let’s delve into the differences between the Active and Passive skills in The First Descendant.

    Active & Passive Skills

    In TFD, we have two types of skills: the Active ones and the Passive ones.

    As in many other games, Passive skills work in a similar manner, granting you a permanent buff that remains active throughout your gameplay.

    Active skills function in a familiar way, just like in most other games. They come with cooldowns, allowing you to unleash various abilities that can heal, deal damage, or perform other actions to enhance your gameplay.

    Active & Passive Skills
    source: in-game screenshot

    How to unlock descendants

    Unlocking descendants in TFD is a relatively straightforward process. You need to acquire the specific materials and blueprints, which can be obtained by farming Special Operations missions. Then, proceed to the Void Intercept, defeat the boss corresponding to the amorphous material you need, and finally, open the acquired amorphous to receive one of the materials.

    Following up, let’s take a closer look at The First Descendant Campaign. Sounds good, right?

    The First Descendant Campaign

    During our beta test playthrough in The First Descendant, we were limited to exploring just three regions. The storyline begins in the Kingston district and unfolds progressively, concluding with Vespers in the beta version. Each region is further divided into 3-5 zones, each housing 3-4 missions to advance the narrative.

    Besides the quests, you have other activities in the campaign zone, such as Special Operations, that we will discuss later.

    The First Descendant Campaign
    source: in-game screenshot

    Repeatable Missions

    In The First Descendant, there are no limits when it comes to repeatable missions. Upon completing a mission (main quest) for the first time, you’ll receive a specific material as a reward. Subsequently, you have the option to replay the mission ONLY for gold and experience.

    Zone Specific Resources

    Indeed, each zone in The First Descendant yields specific materials essential for crafting weapons and descendants. However, we’ll delve deeper into the details of this process in the Operation and Crafting section.

    Loot & Material Rarity

    In The First Descendant, loot is categorized into three distinct rarities, each representing a different level of item quality and rarity within the game. Let’s take a closer look at them.

    Standard – is the initial tier you’ll encounter in TFD. These items are instrumental in assisting you during the early stages of the game.

    Rare – represents the next tier in your upgrade journey, providing increased damage output. These items will remain valuable and effective throughout your journey, carrying you to the mid-game and end-game.

    Ultimate – is your TFD endgame goal. These items feature special abilities, while reactors enhance skill power modifiers specific to the weapon you wield.

    Now, let’s dive into another crucial aspect of The First Descendant: the leveling system.

    The First Descendant Leveling

    The First Descendant (TFD) offers two leveling systems: the Character level system and the Mastery Rank system. Each level contributes to the growth and development of your character.

    Character Leveling & Unlocks

    The character level in TFD, also known as your descendant level, could reach a maximum of 40 during the beta phase. With each level attained, you’ll experience significant bonuses in DEF, max MP, max HP, Shield, and Shield recovery out of combat.

    In addition, let’s take a look at the mastery rank and why it is the most important aspect of TFD.

    Mastery Rank Leveling & Unlocks

    The Mastery Rank in TFD holds significant importance in your character’s progression. With each level you attain, you unlock crucial upgrades, including enhancements to your Weapon Module and Descendant Capacity, as well as expansions to your Equipment Inventory and Storage Slots.

    Note: Weapon Module & Descendant Capacity are the most important ways to upgrade your power, granting you the ability to equip and upgrade your modules while staying within the limits.

    Mastery Rank Leveling & Unlocks
    source: in-game screenshot

    Next, let’s dive deep into the most anticipated and thrilling aspect, The First Descendant’s end-game.

    Endgame activities in The First Descendant

    As of the current state of The First Descendant, our end-game content is comprised of two distinct types: Void Intercepts and Special Operations. Let’s take a closer look at what these entail and how they add depth to the game experience.

    Void intercepts

    In The First Descendant, void intercepts are endgame boss battles where you target specific bosses to access your Amorphous Material contents. These bosses present dynamic challenges, featuring destructible parts, varying resistances, and employing distinctive, powerful attacks, making every encounter a test of skill and strategy.

    In the following section, we’ll delve into the different difficulty levels of Void Intercepts in TFD and the distinctive bosses you’ll face.

    Void intercepts
    source: in-game screenshot

    Normal Difficulty | The GraveWalker

    GraveWalker will be your initial challenge in this endgame activity. His arsenal primarily consists of explosive and fire-based attacks. During the battle, you have the opportunity to target and destroy his Sensor, Helmet, Brain, Knee, and Core Cap.

    Successfully defeating GraveWalker will grant you access to open and receive one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Materials 4, 5, and the Bunny Amorphous Material.

    Normal Difficulty | The Executioner

    Executioner is the second target. His primary skill lies in electricity, making it his main source of power. In battle, you can target his vulnerable points, including the Sensor, Core Cap, Balancer, Shoulder, and Plasma Amplifier.

    Successfully confronting the Executioner will provide you access to open and receive one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Materials 1, 6, and the Kyle Amorphous Material.

    Normal Difficulty | The Devourer

    The Devourer marks the conclusion of the normal difficulty level in Void Intercepts. This fearsome adversary specializes in toxins as his primary ability. During the battle, you can focus on targeting his Core Cap, Sensor, Balancer, Core, and Shoulder.

    Upon defeating the Devourer, you will gain access to open and receive one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Materials 2 and 3.

    Note: It’s worth noting that amorphous materials hold significant importance as they play a crucial role in crafting both Weapons and Descendants within the game. For detailed information about the contents of amorphous materials, be sure to explore the Amorphous Battle Material section.

    Void Intercepts Battle (Normal)
    source: in-game screenshot

    Hard Difficulty | DeadBride

    Kicking off the list of challenging bosses is DeadBride, a specialist in cold attacks. During the battle, you have the opportunity to target her Sensor, Core Cap, Balancer, Shoulder, and Amplifier. Upon defeating her, you gain access to open one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Material 9 and 12.

    Hard Difficulty | Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac, similar to the Executioner but driven by distinct goals and motivations, possesses formidable fire abilities. Throughout the battle, you can concentrate on targeting his Sensor, Core Cap, Balancer, Shoulder, and Amplifier.

    Following a triumphant victory over Pyromaniac, you’ll have the opportunity to open one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Material 8 and 11.

    Hard Difficulty | Obstructer

    Additionally, we have Obstructer, a character similar to Pyromaniac but driven by different motives, specializing in toxin-based abilities. During the battle with Obstructer, you can aim for his weak points, including the Sensor, Core Cap, Balancer, Shoulder, and Amplifier.

    After a victorious battle against Obstructer, you’ll have the chance to open one of the contents from your owned Amorphous Material 7 and 10.

    Hard Difficulty | Hangedman

    Hangedman remains shrouded in mystery with limited available information. It harnesses the unique ability to collect energy, employing it as a primary weapon. You can target its vulnerable points, including the Sensor, Core Cap, Brain, and Charger.

    Hard Difficulty | FrostWalker

    Concluding the list is FrostWalker, your ultimate challenge in this endgame activity. He wields a formidable arsenal of cold abilities. Throughout the battle, you can focus on targeting and dismantling his Sensor, Helmet, Brain, Knee, and Core Cap.

    Note: It is worth noting that, in the beta version, defeating the Hangedman and FrostWalker does not provide the option to open any amorphous material.

    Void Intercept Battle (Hard)
    source: in-game screenshot

    Special Operations

    Based on our playtest during the beta phase, there are currently six operations available in TFD, with one focused on mine blocking and one dedicated to resource defense in each section of the map. Operations represent a crucial feature for advancing in the endgame.

    After completing a few waves, you’ll have the chance to obtain an amorphous material and face the choice of either claiming your reward or taking a risk for potentially better ones. It’s important not to get too greedy, as continuing the wave will escalate the difficulty that comes with the risk of potentially losing all the amorphous materials you’ve acquired up to that point.

    Special Operations
    source: in-game screenshot

    Below, we will discuss the differences between mining and resource operations in TFD.

    Mine Blocking Activity

    These are capture-the-point style missions, where you’ll encounter zones labeled A, B, C, D, and E. Your objective is to eliminate all the monsters and conquer these zones to achieve victory. As you progress, the difficulty will ramp up, introducing additional zones to conquer, thereby intensifying the challenge of these operations.

    Resource Defense Activity

    They are designed in a wave-style format mission, where your primary objective is to defend your Kuiper from incoming enemies. As you advance, the duration of the waves will extend, and the difficulty will escalate, making these missions progressively more challenging.

    Note: During these operations, there will be checkpoints where you have a chance to obtain amorphous materials and gold. At these points, you must decide whether to claim your rewards or take a risk for the possibility of even better loot.

    In the next topic, we will talk about the crafting materials & blueprints in The First Descendant.

    Crafting Materials & Blueprints

    Crafting materials are the fundamental components used to combine and craft the various pieces needed for your weapons and descendants.

    Blueprints are unique materials essential for unlocking weapons and descendants. Each weapon and descendant has a unique blueprint associated with its name, which must be acquired to enable their crafting.

    Below, we will delve deeper into the details of materials and amorphous resources.

    Amorphous Battle Material

    Amorphous materials hold the utmost importance when it comes to acquiring the weapons and descendants you desire. These valuable resources can be obtained through Special Missions, including Mining and Defense activities, and they serve as targetable farming pieces to help you achieve your goals.

    Amorphous Battle Material
    source: in-game screenshot

    Crafting Materials

    As mentioned earlier, crafting materials serve as essential resources utilized in the Research Institute to craft Descendants, Weapons, Weapon Materials, and Enhancement Materials. They represent the next crucial step in your endgame progression.

    Crafting Materials
    source: in-game screenshot

    Descendant & Weapon Blueprints

    Unlocking ultimate weapons and characters involves a multi-step process. Firstly, you need to research the pattern specific to the desired item. Once the pattern is unlocked, you can proceed to craft the weapon or descendant. This intricate process ensures that obtaining ultimate assets in TFD requires both research and crafting proficiency.

    We’ve covered materials, blueprints, and amorphous resources, but now, let’s shift our focus to an essential topic: the ultimate weapons in TFD and their unique abilities.

    Ultimate Weapons & Unique Abilities

    Ultimate Weapons stand as the most powerful in TFD. Unique Abilities are additional perks that enhance a weapon’s capabilities. To unlock & upgrade your unique ability, you’ll need to research an additional weapon of the same type and combine them together.

    Let’s explore the next topic to discover the best tips and tricks to improve your gameplay significantly.

    source: in-game screenshot

    The First Descendant Tips & Tricks

    Based on our experience, here are the best tips and tricks to help you excel in TFD.

    • Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons
    • Experiment with as many descendants & weapons as possible.
    • Don’t sell your items to vendors. Dismantle them!
    • Ensure you don’t overlook the importance of upgrading your modules for both your weapons & descendants.
    • Utilize your abilities as frequently as possible to make the most of your character’s potential.

    To conclude this guide, let’s share our final thoughts about The First Descendant.

    Final thoughts about The First Descendant

    The First Descendant (TFD) holds significant potential, drawing inspiration from beloved titles like Destiny 2 and Warframe. While it offers an enjoyable and fast-paced gaming experience, there’s room for improvement in terms of polishing and expanding the endgame content prior to its full release.

    The journey is far from over, and we look forward to reuniting with all of you descendants, at the full release of the game.


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