The Hardest Bosses in Path of Exile

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    The Hardest Bosses in Path of Exile

    Prepare yourself well for these boss fights

    PoE Hardest bosses:

    • Doedre the Vile

    • Yugul, Reflection of Terror

    • Uber Elder

    • Aul, the Crystal King

    Path of Exile has a reputation of being a challenging game. You’ve gotta avoid getting in the way of enemy attacks while attacking them at the same time—all while keeping track of your mana and life, using flasks when needed! If you’re a summoner, you have to keep track of your minions and or totems as well. Not to mention you have to plan out the build you’re running, else you risk performing in utter mediocrity. Also, you have to farm PoE currency and engage in PoE trade to get the best gear.

    And then there are boss battles, which test all your skills and knowledge in surviving and defeating them. Here are the hardest bosses to fight in Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile.

    Doedre the Vile, Act 8

    For those who haven’t played up to this boss, they would say Innocence is the hardest boss to face. Veterans, however, would beg to differ. Doedre the Vile is the first actual hurdle boss you’ll have to defeat.

    Your second fight with her in the Toxic Conduits gives her three phases—each giving her buffs. Defeating her minions give you debuffs that also depend on what phase she’s in. You can change phases by hitting the valve underneath her, which will reset your debuffs and change her buffs.

    The most dangerous phase would probably be the purple one. It gives her a speed buff, making her able to cast, attack, and move faster. Complicating that is the debuff which slows you down. The other phases are more manageable by comparison. Red reduces the damage she takes while increasing the damage you take. Green increases the damage she deals and reduces the damage you deal.

    The whole fight is about managing the phases and the damage you deal to her. This is the first test of build-making and understanding of combat mechanics you’ll encounter in the game. Without a good understanding of both, it’ll be quite hard to defeat her.

    Yugul, Reflection of Terror (Optional)

    Since he’s an optional boss, many players just opt to avoid him until they’re at a higher level. Even then, however, it’s still not a walk in the park. As a minor god, he’s going to come with multiple elemental and chaos resistances. Also, he deals in Cold Damage, so anyone without the proper resistance would fall easily to him.

    He’s got a Leap Slam skill, releases cold orbs that follow you around, and later duplicates himself to annoy you even more. With enough preparation and good dodging skills, you should be able to defeat him. You even get a Pantheon soul if you do!

    Uber Elder

    If the Elder and the Shaper were difficult bosses by themselves, try fighting them both at once. That’s what the Uber Elder pits you against. They retain most of their skills and abilities and share an invulnerable state between them. It disappears once you’ve whittled their lives down to a certain point. Later in the fight, they start to summon minions and adds as well.

    In general, any mirrored, duplicated, or bosses fought at the same time are quite difficult. Combine that fact with certain modifications and the fact that these two were considered an endgame boss, and you’re in for a hell of a fight.

    Aul, the Crystal King

    The boss found in the deepest parts of the Azurite Mine is a difficult boss to fight. You have to make your way through at least 171 levels of the mine before getting the slightest chance to fight him. When you do, he could have any amount of modifications that could complicate fighting him. Then you have to use your flares to keep the darkness at bay.

    Because of the mechanics of the dungeon, you’ll have to manage so many things. The light, Aul’s attacks, his minions, your minions, and your own status. Even just getting there is a trial in itself. There’s also the element of luck, as you might not get the node in your delves.

    With the coming of Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile, you can expect even more difficult bosses to fight. These battles are also where you can find some of the PoE uniques you might need for your build. Prepare well, and good luck in battling these bosses!

    Enjoy PoE game, in whatever console you play on!


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