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    The Last of Us Part 2 brings back Workbenches from the firstgame Workbenches allow you to update your weapons, enhancing their power and enabling them to hold more bullets, do more damage, and so on. Some of these are hidden and hard to find, which is why we have actually put together all the workbench locations in The Last of Us Part 2 into this useful guide.

    The Last Of Us Part 2 Workbench Locations

    Chapters aren’t directly called in The Last Of Us Part 2, with the game being divided up into days Ellie is on her revengequest We have actually taken the time to call them based on the locations and what they appear as when you save.

    Naturally, there will be spoilers in this guide, consisting of story information, weapons, upgrades, and information about features Naughty Dog have not publically gone over. Continue with your own care or take the guide step by step and just look when you have actually reached a particular chapter.

    • Jackson.
    • Seattle Day 1.
    • Seattle Day2
    • Seattle Day 3.


    Spoiler warning for this area of thegame Do not check out on up until you have actually completed all the previous chapters.

    • Seattle Day 1 (Abby)
    • Seattle Day 2 (Abby).
    • Seattle Day 3 (Abby).


    Spoiler warning for this area of thegame Do not check out on up until you have actually completed all the previous chapters. The following area of the game begins after the farm.


    Chapter 4– Patrol (1 Workbench)

    Patrol is the whole area of the game early-on where you are scouting out locations with Dina, in order to clear Contaminated. At the very end of the chapter, you and Dina will nestle in a library. After making your way through it you will reach the children’s area of the library and need to turn on a generator. When the generator is on, Dina will point out the Workbench to you.

    the-last-of-us-part-2-all-workbench-locations-1 Seattle– Day 1

    Chapter 9– Downtown Seattle (1 Workbench)

    Downtown Seattle is the greatest chapter in The Last of Us Part2 It is the large stretching open area after you have found the closed “F**k FEDRA Gate”.

    You will leave out into the large metropolitan area of Seattle. There are around a lots various locations to check out here. in order to find the workbench, you will want to head to the north- west corner of the map: Fifth Opportunity, in between Madison Street and Marrion Street to be specific.


    In the second block along Marrion Street, you will find a supply camping tent on a raised piece of land to the side of a checkpoint gate. Squeeze yourself through eviction and enter the camping tent. Inside, you can find the Workbench.



    Chapter 11– Capitol Hill (2 Workbenches)

    The first workbench is found a bit of the way into the level, when you encounter the filling station filled with enemies patrolling. To the left of the station is a small garage with an “A/C Service” banner on it. Inside you can find the workbench on the.


    When you come throughout the explosive claymore traps,

    The second workbench is at the end of the level. After a bit, you will reach an obstructed path that results in a small street with a couple ofshops Squeeze through the space ahead and enter the building on the right (the Take-Kwondo Gym), with the damagedwall Inside the back-left space you need to crouch through, you can find the workbench.



    Chapter 13– The Tunnels (1 Workbench)

    The just workbench in this level is found after the first encounter, where you enter the open ventilation space. You will need to climb a ladder and look to the right to see some spores on the wall and a blue door. Head through the blue door to find the Workbench.



    Seattle Day 2

    Chapter 16– Hillcrest (2 Workbenches)

    From the start of the level, head into the second shop on the right (Rosemont). Drop down through the hole behind the cash register counter to find the workbench in the basement.




    Much even more into the level, you will need to use a dumpster to climb up onto a garage roofing. After leaping down and participating in the next building, you can find the workbench in the workshop, right in front of you.


    Chapter 18– The Serpahites (2 Workbenches)

    A bit of the way into the level, you will go through an underpass and there will be a large block of houses on theleft Climb up the truck in front of these houses and jump into the apartment or condo block by smashing the glass and head into the door on theleft In the kitchen area you can find theWorkbench Be alerted you will get grabbed by some enemies after you use it, so prepare for a fight.




    The second workbench follows you fight the human miniboss with the pickaxe. After dropping down into the water and seeing the medical facility again, you will concern a bit of land with Weston’s Drug store in the fardistance Head up the path and into the store at the top. About midway through the store, there will be a hole in the wall on theleft Crawl through it to find the workbench on your right on the other side.




    Chapter 20– Roadway To Fish Tank (2 Workbenches)

    After you enter the first large building with Jesse he will open a door at the back of the shop This results in the back of the shop Enter the second blue door on the right and crawl under the blockade. Inside this space is the first workbench.



    Much later on in the level, you and Jesse will do some diving to pass through obstructed locations. Ultimately, you will come throughout a large white building with a ramp leading up to the. Climb up the ramp and both platforms to the upper level of the building Do a U-turn and walk past the mannequin. Enter into the door ahead and after that, the first door, directly on your left just at the end of the space is the workbench




    Chapter 21– The Flooded City (2 Workbenches)

    A bit of the way into the level, Ellie’s boat will cut out and she will state “kidding me.” Reboot the boat and head to the left of the large Seattle Sleep Warehouse building ahead. There is a small garage you can enter with the workbench inside.



    The next workbench is in the game, which is a compulsory location you need to check out late into the level. Head up the staircase and to the back of the game to find the workbench just to the right of the racing machines.




    Spoiler warning for this area of the game Does not check out on up until you have actually started this chapter, which begins after you leave the arena.

    Seattle Day 1 (Abby)

    After a while, you, Mel, and Manny will end up in a large warehouse To your right, next to some stairs, you can find the workbench.


    Chapter 26– The Forward Base (1 Workbench)

    The sole workbench in this level is rather earlyon After getting in the large common area with lots of people loafing, head into the camping tent on the left to find the workbench.


    Chapter 28– Hostile Area (1 Workbench)

    The just workbench in this chapter is at the very end of the level. After you battle the Seraphites (Scars) in the destroyed structures, you will crawl under some debris and reach a large open space overgrown with foliage. Rely on the left to find the table in the roof garden.



    Chapter 30– The Forest (1 Workbench)

    The first and just workbench is found after you fight the lady who took your knapsack. After that fight, you will enter an autoshop On the left side of the main space you can find the workbench.


    Chapter 31– The Coast (1 Workbench)

    The workbench is inside the first building you enter in this chapter. It is almost unmissable as it is ideal to your left as you unlock.


    Chapter 33– The Faster Way (2 Workbenches)

    Midway through the level you will hop throughout some islands in the waterfall and enter a phone store called‘Interbay’ On the left side of the store, you can find the first workbench.



    Even even more into the level you will climb up some ladders and fight some Seraphites (Scars). You will discover a large shrine in front of a stained glass window. Enter the space to the right to find the second workbench.

    Chapter 35– Ground Zero (1 Workbench)

    Relatively late in the level, you will need to hop over a wall in the Surgical Treatmentarea In the space on the left with the power, you can find the workbench.



    Chapter 38– The Island (1 Workbench)

    The just workbench in this level is at the very end. After you identify Isaac’s ship and go past the 2 enemies, there will be a hut on yourleft Inside, you can find the workbench.



    Chapter 39– The Escape (1 Workbench)

    Late into the level, Lev will drop a ladder for you. As you climb into the next space, the workbench will be ideal in front of you. It is almost difficult to miss out on.



    Spoiler warning for this area of the game Do not check out on up until you get to the second chapter after the farm.

    Santa Barbara

    Chapter 43– Pressing Inland (1 Workbench)

    The just workbench in this level follows you kill the Remote Control on the roofing and jump into the building Make your way to the ground floor to find the workbench in the kitchen area.


    Chapter 44– The Resort (1 Workbench)

    The last workbench in the game is found in the first enemy encounter from within the resort. In the large open area, with containers, there is a hut in the middle. The workbench is inside that hut.


    The Last Of Us Part 2 is available now on PS4.


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