The Top 10 Rarest Skins in the Fortnite Item Shop

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    Here is a selection of the rarest skins in Fortnite, and what it took to acquire them.

    One of the draws of Epic Games’ Battle Royale title is the Fortnite Item Shop that are within. There are many different ways that you can acquire skins throughout the title, which vary from being Battle Pass and device exclusives, and beyond. With that in mind, here is a look at 10 of the rarest Fortnite skins that you can find in the immensely popular BR effort.

    Double Helix

    You are probably going to notice that there are a number of rare Fortnite skins which are made available as part of a promotion for a particular device. This is true for the Double Helix, which came with a Nintendo Switch bundle at the tail end of 2018. So effectively you had to buy a console system to get this skins, which drives up its cost as well as its rarity.

    What makes it even rarer is the fact that this particular bundle sold out everywhere on the market. You could find somewhere potentially online to sell the skin to you, but don’t expect it to come cheap.

    Honor Guard

    You will notice later on in this list that there are certain mobile devices that let you gain access to some very rare skins. The Honor Guard deserves a special mention arguably above all. This is because in order to get the skin, you would need to buy the Honor View 20 smartphone, which is by no means anywhere near as popular as the likes of Samsung, and were also far more expensive.

    At the time, the phone wasn’t available in all territories. This meant that those who desperately craved a skin as rare as this would have to have it imported. This of course increases the already hefty cost of the device, so don’t expect to see many Honor Guards out and about.

    Dark Voyager

    Once upon a time, you would see the Dark Voyager skin fairly commonly. Back in Season 3, this outfit could be earned by hitting Tier 70 in the Battle Pass, so naturally a lot of players were running around at one point dressed up in this skin.

    Like most trends, the Dark Voyager hype died down over time, which is up to a couple of years by now. This makes it a much harder skin to come by, especially with more and more players coming into the game.

    Skull Trooper (Purple Variant)

    If you have been playing Fortnite since the inception of the Battle Royale part of the game, then you may well remember the Skull Trooper. This has been a more seasonal skin ever since it released in October 2017, so its still a rare skin to find.

    The fact that it has appeared every now and again makes it slightly less uncommon than other options out there. However, the purple variant of the skin, which was only available for players who purchased the skin upon release. So if you do manage to find this variant, then you will be witnessing a skin that was available at an important time in the game’s history, as it skyrocketed to be one of the most popular titles of the generation.

    Black Knight

    We will be sticking with the theme of skins that were available way back in the early days of Fortnite. The Black Night was a reward for those who had been dedicated enough to max out the inaugral Season 2 Battle Pass. What’s more, the Black Knight served as the first skin you could ever be rewarded with for maxing out the Battle Pass.

    Naturally, given that this was at an early stage of Fortnite’s timeline, even as popular as the skin was it wouldn’t make the impact that a new skin would today. This is simply because the game was nowhere near as popular as it is today, so you can see why the Black Knight makes this list.

    The Reaper

    Fortnite has never been shy of adding the odd pop culture injection of content every now and again. They even did this early on back in the days of the Season 3 Battle Pass. The Reaper, an homage to John Wick, would be made available for players maxing out the Battle Pass once more.

    What made this skin rare was the fact that it was not only a difficult task to hit Tier 100, but it was also not available outside of the Season 3 Battle Pass. Once more, like other skins on the list, this was prior to Fortnite’s immense popularity that it enjoys in the present day, making it a rare skin indeed.

    Sparkle Specialist

    Another Fortnite skin available way back when, the Sparkle Specialist was part of the Season 2 Battle Pass, and could be unlocked by hitting Tier 56.

    Like the Dark Voyager, the Sparkle Specialist was a once popular skin. If you were playing the game back at this time, it would have been considered a fairly common skin. Time has since passed, a lot of time in fact. So you will be hard pressed to find anyone still rocking this dazzling outfit on the battlefield.


    The Omega skin was awarded to players for hitting Tier 100 in the Season 4 Battle Pass. As you may have noticed, you can only be awarded a Battle Pass skin for that particular season. We have spoke a lot about skins from seasons 2 and 3, but even season 4, which is where this skin appeared, was a long time ago.

    This places Omega as one of the rarest finds in Fortnite, albeit not as rare as some of the others on the list. It still deserves a place on this list however, and some may argue that it is certainly one of the coolest you can get.


    Going back to certain devices needing to be purchased for a skin, the Galaxy skin was made available back when Fortnite first launched on the Mobile platform. The Android beta before release was made exclusive to Samsung phones, and the Galaxy skin was a reward for purchasing either the Samsung Note 9 or the Galaxy Tab S4.

    This promotional skin was probably already rare enough, but it was made even harder to get a hold of when it got to the point where it was no longer available even for Samsung users. This Fortnite item or skin was replaced by the Glow, making the original effort even rarer than ever before.


    The result of the Galaxy skin disappearing was the Glow skin, which was another promo skin from Samsung. It didn’t quite have the rarity of the Galaxy version of the outfit, since it was available on more devices. However, it still holds a vast degree of rarity due to the promotion not being available anymore.

    Even though the Glow could be gained on more devices, it was only there for newer Samsung releases. This meant that fans would have to have shelled out a lot of money to get the newer devices, so not a lot of players would have gained access to the skin in general.

    The Fortnite Item Shop may boast many skins, but some on this list will take a lot more effort for you to get hold of. With many not even being available anymore, you may have to consider paying out a lot of money to get them all.

    Have you managed to acquire any of these Fortnite skins? Let us know in the comments section below!


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