Transport Fever 2 Console Edition will be released in March

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    Nacon and Urban Games announce that the Console Edition of Transport Fever 2 will be released on March 9 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, after it was originally supposed to be ready in February. An announcement trailer is already available.

    We take the full information from the press release:

    Transport Fever 2: Console Edition is a tycoon game about setting up a transportation company and developing all the infrastructure needed to grow the business. By transporting cargo and passengers, we are building a transportation empire and contributing to the global economy. Urban Games has now adapted the game for consoles to make the experience accessible to even more fans.

    Improved graphics, a revised user interface, and controller-adapted controls enable all players to experience an optimized version of the renowned management game.

    The following are the features of Transport Fever 2: Console Edition:

    • The construction of all transport links required for the expansion of a city is feasible.
    • Interactive, sophisticated instruments for the creation of intricate transportation systems
    • A total of approximately 200 historical and actual vehicles, including trains, buses, trucks, planes, and ships, are available for operation.
    • There are three distinct landscape varieties that can be used to generate custom maps
    • The city’s economy must be maintained by facilitating the transportation of passengers and the delivery of raw materials and consumer products to enhance access and trade.

    Transport Fever 2: Console Edition can be preordered as a base game or deluxe edition. Five exclusive vehicle cosmetic variants are included in preorders for the base game or Deluxe Edition.

    The Deluxe Edition includes the following game content and can be combined with the preorder bonus:

    • The game’s conventional version
    • Three unique handcrafted maps featuring difficult scenarios
    • Six new and historic vehicles
    • Three new animals have been added to the three landscape types: a cougar, wolf, and tropical fish.
    • Two new game compositions that incorporate the melodies from the two preceding titles, Train Fever and Transport Fever.


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