Unrevealed Xbox Secrets: The Surprising Connection Between Final Fantasy and Microsoft’s Gaming Empire

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    The wish: Square Enix at Xbox

    In a recent trial between the FTC and Microsoft, a document surfaced that caught the attention of many. In 2019, before the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft had considered purchasing Square Enix, the publisher behind popular franchises such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. Although the details of the proposed acquisition remain unknown, it is clear that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was interested in the idea.

    The strategy behind the potential takeover was to continue multi-platform support while also exploring the possibility of exclusive content for Xbox. Under Microsoft’s ownership, Square Enix games would have been available on day one in the Xbox Game Pass, thereby boosting the growth of the service across different markets. Moreover, having the publisher of Kingdom Hearts in the Xbox family would have strengthened Microsoft’s presence in Asian markets.

    But the document reveals an even more surprising aspect: the acquisition of Square Enix could have led to the development of exclusive mobile offers. The document states, “By combining Square Enix’s strong mobile game portfolio with our own, we could potentially create a mobile-native Game Pass.” This idea hints at Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to establish itself in the mobile gaming market.

    The reality: Improving relations in 2023/2024

    However, it appears that relations between Microsoft and Square Enix have been strained in recent times. Despite successful collaborations in the past, including the release of several Square Enix games on the Game Pass, the current situation between the two giants has been rather bleak. The exclusivity of Playstation for titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Forspoken, Valkyrie Elysium, and particularly Final Fantasy XVI, has left a bitter taste.

    Acknowledging this situation, Phil Spencer expressed his desire to mend the relationship between Microsoft and Square Enix in a recent statement. He emphasized the need to improve the partnership and restore the strong collaboration they once enjoyed. It remains to be seen how Spencer plans to achieve this goal, but gamers and fans of both companies are eagerly anticipating positive developments in the coming years.

    What are your thoughts on the potential acquisition of Square Enix by Microsoft? Do you think it would have been beneficial for both companies? Share your opinions in the comments below!


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