US Senator Demands Sony Turn Over All Exclusives-Related Documents

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    Senator Kevin Kramer of the United States wrote to Sony to explain the exclusivity deals that Sony had made with other companies for more than 20 years for PlayStation consoles. These deals hurt the market and, by extension, the public, and caused game prices to go up.

    Then, on April 13, Kramer wrote to Kenichiro Yoshida, the CEO of the Japanese giant, and said, “I am concerned about Sony’s efforts to protect its video game system business from competition.”

    Cramer asked the Japanese company to send him “unedited copies” of “all agreements giving him the exclusive right to distribute a game developed by an independent publisher.” This meant that he wanted all the agreement documents for PlayStation-only games, like Final Fantasy XVI, which had not been announced for the Xbox either.

    The senator also wants to know all the details of the deals that keep other companies from putting games on subscription services like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Then Kramer wants to see Sony’s internal strategy documents on the Destiny team buying Bungie in 2022. He also wants to see “all correspondence” with federal or state regulators about game competition.

    Senator Cramer’s message is similar to one that 11 other Congressmen and women wrote last month. In this case, too, Sony’s actions in the video game world were attacked for antitrust laws that hurt Microsoft and other American companies.

    It is very hard to believe that Sony would freely hand over all of this paperwork and continue to play politics if a judge did not say so.


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