Warzone 2 – Interrogating Players And Tagging Enemies

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    Warzone 2 has been taking the world by storm. Whether you’re a casual shooting player or an advanced Call of Duty player, Warzone 2 does seem to be very interesting to play. Amongst its long updates, there’s an additional feature included, which is the interrogation.

    This makes it possible for players to gain an advantage over others by interrogating them. You might’ve seen the same mechanic in single-player games, like Metal Gear Solid, where the system is implemented very well. In that game, the player may use the tactic to gain additional information about chests, other enemies’ locations, and hidden stuff. So, how about the implementation of multiplayer games?

    In Warzone 2, the feature was first introduced in the launch trailer, and aside from the new mechanic, there is some additional stuff you can find, including the new maps and the release date.

    As you may know already, Warzone 2 is the sequel of Warzone, which was first released back in 2020 ago. It consists of the same gameplay as a free Battle Royale game, which also includes new features that make it different from the others. In the days when Battle Royale games are getting more similar, Warzone 2 comes in with new stuff to dig in.

    Warzone 2 - Interrogating Players And Tagging Enemies

    About The Interrogation System

    In the trailer, we were introduced to the new system that was taken inspiration from Escape from Tarkov. The mode is basically PVE, where players will fight against the AI, although the Battle Royale system remains the same.

    However, the mode has a little difference. Rather than just killing the enemies, you can instead interrogate them, which in this case, the players and AI. When the interrogation runs successfully, some additional information can be obtained from it, including the enemy’s location, offering you a huge tactical advantage.

    The developer also hinted at some information about how the mechanic works. As we mentioned earlier, the system may work on both the players and AI. When the player is being interrogated, they can call for help from their fellow teammates, which will mark their location on the map. During the successful attempt, the interrogating player may obtain the enemy’s location, which can also be detected by their team. However, the effects will be removed once the downed player dies or is revived.

    And since the mechanic is definitely risky, since it could potentially take time and effort to down an enemy without their teammates noticing, it provides high-risk, high-reward effects.

    Other gameplay changes were also explained in the trailer, including the change for 2 V 2 Gulag.

    And since this is a great multiplayer game, we couldn’t stop recommending you have a VPN to make you safe. Not all VPNs may work in the best way you expected. So, we highly recommend using the Warzone VPN for easier lobbies instead. Be sure to check out all the possible features before you apply!

    How Does Interrogation work in This Game?

    The newest trailer we’ve just witnessed about Call of Duty Warzone 2 has gained us some new information, especially about the new mechanic we’ve just explained above. While there are some talks about whether the method would be effective or even useful at all, the new addition does add some spice to the type of game that has been around for years.

    It makes Warzone 2 more unique compared to the other games. Although the effectiveness is still questionable, it’s always nice to see new additions to the game.

    When an enemy is downed, the operator can interrogate them to obtain information about the enemy’s location. Their locations will then be displayed on the map for the other fellow teammates to see. This will offer the team a greater tactical advantage, although the rate of success isn’t always high. Remember, when there’s a high risk, there will always be a high reward.

    Now, when we’re talking about interrogation, we are already familiar with this feature in several games. Aside from Metal Gear Solid, which gameplay resolves on tactical warfare, assassination, and interrogation, some other newer games, like Last of Us 2, also have it.

    The difference is, in Warzone 2, the interrogation system is much simpler and faster but also risky. You can also interrogate somebody when they’re downed, and chances are, they will either be killed or revived afterward. So, during the very slim chance, you have to approach them as fast as possible. Even better if you stay hidden from your teammates.

    Many people see this feature as a way to counter location-detection systems that are already implemented within the game, like using UAVs or radars. Before they can get to know your location, you can interrogate them instead.

    If you’re still pretty confused about how the whole thing works, here’s a little step-by-step for it:

    1. Shoot the enemy until they’re downed
    2. Stand right on the top, and then hold the interact button (F key on PC)
    3. If the interrogation is completed, you will see the “Enemy Squad Marked” notification
    4. Shortly after that, the enemies will be marked on your map

    Please do remember that the interrogation process may take up to 7 seconds to complete, so you better stay safe with a friend to look out for.

    About Warzone 2.0 Update

    Before the news about the new mechanic was announced, Warzone 2 already had several trailers explaining the new modes and updates. Amongst them, there’s the Resurgence mode, which opens up a new map called Ashika Island.

    Aside from the map, the developers also added more things in the massive update, including the new Ronin operator, ranked playlist, and other new maps.


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