WB Montreal Batman Game Cinematic Trailer Image Leaked, Coming To PS5 – Rumor

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    An image from the new Batman game from WB Montreal has possibly leaked online ahead of tomorrow’s PS5 reveal.

    The image showcases completion of what would be the trailer for the game, including the Batman Beyond logo, which has actually been identified at WB Montreal’s studios, and the expression “Capture The Knight”.

    On top of that, the trailer just features the PS5 and PS4 logo, which might suggest that Sony has the marketing rights for the game, which might show up at tomorrow’s PS5 reveal event, which you can view here. Sony has actually had a history of marketing for the Batman Arkham games, consisting of for the most current Arkham Knight.

    The trailer also features the logo for Blur Studios, who create expert cinematics and have a history with WB, creating the Arkham Origins cinematic, including Deathstroke and Batmanfighting On top of that, this might be the PS5 game that Dead Space author Anthony Johnston teased earlier today.

    Lastly, the image is recorded off-screen and looks like it is being enjoyed by somebody in a video player, which adds to its trustworthiness as it could not have actually been as quickly photoshopped.

    Although it is still possible, do not take this as verbatim that the game will be showcased tomorrow, which is indeedreal All indications point to this being a genuine image and a reveal set for tomorrow. This is the most persuading and sensible leak and rumor we have actually seen up until now.

    WB’s next game might be revealed tomorrow at the PS5 reveal event.

    Source: [Imgur via Reddit]


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