Ben Cooper / March 16, 2023

Halo Infinite Patch Notes Update Today on March 16, 2023

A new update has been released for Halo Infinite Update. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

Halo Infinite

– Setting the Target Framerate setting to 120hz on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles now results in framerates higher than 90 frames per second (FPS). – Improved stability when navigating Customization menus on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Resolved Issues

– There is no longer a slight delay between dropping objective objects, such as the Flag or Oddball, and switching to a weapon. This change should improve the viability of the “Flag juggling” strategy.

Resolved Issues

– Using the W or S keys to navigate the Rubble section of the Assets menu in Forge’s Object Browser no longer results in a crash.

Resolved Issues

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