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Hocus Pocus 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

Disney has authorized the production of Hocus Pocus 3, the third film in the franchise. In an interview, the head of Disney's live-action remakes division confirmed the movie's progress.The original cast expressed their desire for a sequel, and Bette Midler, in particular, expressed her happiness about finally having a franchise.

Hocus Pocus 3

– Bette Midler – Sarah Jessica Parker – Kathy Najimy – Whitney Peak

Hocus Pocus 3 Cast

The Sanderson Sisters and Billy Butcherson returned in the sequel, but the original characters Max, Dani, and Alison were not reprised. The cast for the third movie is still being determined, but Thora Birch, who played Dani, might appear if her schedule permits.

Will any other original Hocus Pocus stars Return?

Release details for Hocus Pocus 3 are unknown as of April 2023. Fans speculate Disney might announce it on the next Disney Plus Day, possibly in fall 2023. Hocus Pocus 2 introduced new witches and hinted at the return of the original Sanderson Sisters.

When is Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date?

Hocus Pocus 2 hinted at the Sanderson Sisters' return, potentially through a second black flame candle. The new generation of witches also offers story possibilities. The young cast received positive feedback, leading to speculation about a prequel.

What Is the Hocus Pocus 3?

Disney Plus has a history of creating prequels, and fans can explore more movie recommendations on the platform.

What Is the Hocus Pocus 3?

We have no information on Hocus Pocus 3. The production hasn't been confirmed, so we can't provide a timeline. Please check back for updates or announcements in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Hocus Pocus 3 Trailer

Relive the magic of Hocus Pocus and its sequel by streaming both on Disney+ for a monthly subscription fee starting at $7.99. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world once again.

Where can I watch Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2?

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