Ben Cooper / October 11, 2023

Overwatch 2 Patch Notes 3.63 Update Today on October 11, 2023

A new update has been released for Overwatch 2 Update 3.63. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

Overwatch 2

– Fixed a bug where some players were unable to capture Plays of the Game using the in-game capture system. – Fixed an issue with the ‘Random’ option for Victory Poses and Highlight Intros not saving.


– Fixed a bug that could result in Support Heroes losing the ability to see allied health bars in Control matches.


– Fixed an issue with the camera breaking during Plays of the Game if the player used a Souvenir during the play.


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