Talk 2 Me Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Are you sitting in a chair while being restrained and clutching the severed hand of a medium right now? If such is the case, the reason may be that A24's unexpectedly successful horror film Talk to Me is receiving a sequel.

Talk 2 Me 

Even better, the sequel's official name, Talk 2 Me, eliminates the need for any witty puns that might have been considered for the title.

Talk 2 Me 

When this article was written, Talk 2 Me had only recently been announced. Due to the fact that it is still at such an early stage of production, the highly anticipated sequel will not have a release date for quite some time.

Release Date

– Sophie Wilde as Mia – Alexandra Jensen as Jade – Joe Bird as Riley – Miranda Otto as Sue – Otis Dhanji as Daniel – Zoe Terakes as Hayley


– Chris Alosio as Joss – Alexandria Steffensen as Rhea – Marcus Johnson as Max – Sunny Johnson as Duckett – Ari McCarthy as Cole


RackaRacka is a YouTube channel based in Australia that was established in 2013 and is managed by identical twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou.


Cole, a young man, is trying to find his brother Duckett, who has barricaded himself inside a bedroom, but he finds himself stumbling through a busy house party in the process.


After destroying the door and rescuing a wounded Duckett, Cole brings Duckett into the living room, where they are both hurt. After stabbing his brother in the chest, Duckett stabs himself in the face, committing suicide in front of the other people at the party.


In the meantime, Mia, now 17 years old, is dealing with the passing of the second anniversary of the day her mother, Rhea, took her own life and the strained connection she has with her father, Max.


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