By James Scout/ September 21, 2022

The First Meaningful Update for Windows 11 is Coming. See What's Inside Elsewhere Here.

An old dog can't learn new tricks, so the saying goes. Fortunately, this is not true of your computer. Microsoft is polishing Windows 11 after releasing it last fall. This is the first of many ongoing "feature updates" the operating system will receive.

 Update for Windows 11

The update was made to make our PCs "easier and safer to use," according to Panos Panay, chief product officer of Windows and Devices at Microsoft. Users in more than 190 countries have started receiving the new software as of Tuesday.

Update for Windows 11

It would take a skilled user to pick up on all the minor adjustments and changes. However, some of the modifications made by Microsoft in this area are a little more obvious than others, and some may even be more significant.

What has been updated?

Windows 11 will attempt to transcribe anything you're supposed to hear on-screen, including videos, podcasts, and live radio streams. Features like these are more prevalent on smartphones than computers, which is hopefully beginning to change.

System-wide live captions.

The Start menu in Windows 11 currently displays a mixture of files and programs that it believes you should see and any apps you may have "pinned" there for quick access. However, you'll be able to tell Windows which you want to see more of in this update.

Start menu customization.

Voice Access, a feature that Microsoft refers to as a "preview," was created to enable users to interact with computers through spoken commands rather than keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Computer voice control.

These new gestures, such as swiping up to open the Start menu, may make it easier for you to navigate Windows if your computer has a touch screen and can turn into a tablet.

They updated touch gestures.

Some of you can use new "studio" effects to customize your appearance on video calls and streams without relying on the tools included in third-party apps, though not all PCs will support this.

Integrated camera effects.

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