By James Scout/ September 29, 2022

The Halo Rise Sleep Senisng Device and Sunrise Alarm Clock are Now Available on Amazon

It serves as a sleep tracker for those who prefer not to wear a bracelet or smartwatch at night.

Halo Rise Sleep Senisng Device

With the $140 Halo Rise, a new bedside sleep tracker due later this year that also functions as a morning alarm clock, Amazon is extending its foothold in the wellness sector.

Halo Rise Sleep Senisng Device

The debut follows the introduction of Amazon's first Halo fitness tracker in 2020 and the Halo View, its follow-up, in 2021. It's another indication that internet behemoths like Amazon are working to improve how we sleep.

Halo Rise Sleep Senisng Device

Strategy Analytics estimates that as of the first quarter of 2022, Amazon has 28.2% of the worldwide market for smart speakers and displays. Amazon's main rival, Google, held 17.2% of the market over the same period.

Halo Rise Sleep Senisng Device

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