By James Scout/ Oct 8, 2022

What it Takes to Become a Game Playtester

Being a playtester is a great way to network with others and build a portfolio if you want to become a game developer eventually.

Game Playtester

Playtesting is the process of playing a game before its official release. Playtesters give their thoughts and opinions on the game and provide any feedback on bugs they might encounter.

Game Playtester

Playtesting is an excellent way to progress into Quality Assurance (QA), where you’re paid full-time for testing and ensuring a game is fit for release.

Game Playtester

You can become a playtester by signing up at various sites, which will be included in this article. In addition, we’ve also provided additional details on how much you might be paid for playtesting games.

Game Playtester

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