BY JAMES SCOTT/ March 27, 2023

You Hurt My Feelings Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Drama and comedy are two of the most popular and well-liked forms of entertainment. While the former brings the much-required humor into our lives, the latter immerses the audience in stories featuring high-stakes situations and difficult choices.

You Hurt My Feelings 

While some movies and shows are only comedies or only dramas, others combine the two genres to create an intriguing mix of topics.

You Hurt My Feelings 

On January 22, 2023, the film You Hurt My Feelings debuted for the first time worldwide at the Sundance Film Festival and was received positively. On the weekend of May 26, 2023, the movie will have its wide release in theaters nationwide.

Release Date

– Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Beth – Tobias Menzies as Don – Michaela Watkins as Sarah – Arian Moayed as Mark – Owen Teague as Eliot


– Jeannie Berlin as Georgia – Amber Tamblyn as Carolyn – David Cross as Jonathan – Zach Cherry as Jim – LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Sylvia


Nicole Holofcener is a well-known film and television director and screenwriter in the United States. She has directed a total of six feature films and a variety of television series, some of which include Walking and Talking, Friends with Money, and Enough Said.


Nicole Holofcener has established a name for herself in the film industry by focusing most of her work on the difficulties of maintaining or rekindling a romantic relationship in one's later years.


The same thing happens in the movie "You Hurt My Feelings," which follows the life of a woman and her husband and focuses on the evolution of their relationship throughout their married life.


The couple's seemingly perfect life becomes worse when they find out they have been telling each other harmless little white lies.


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