Where to Find the Hidden GrandKids in Docarri Village in Sea of Stars: Side Quest Guide

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    Guide: Finding the Hidden Kids in Docarri Village in Sea of Stars

    In Sea of Stars, there are not only main quests, puzzles, and dungeons to complete but also side quests that offer special rewards like Rainbow Conches, gear, or relics. While these side quests may not be crucial for the main story, they provide an opportunity to help out other characters in the game, such as the grandpa in Docarri Village. If you’re having trouble locating his missing grandkids, we’re here to guide you to their hiding spots.

    Docarri Grandkid Location #1

    You can find the first hidden grandkid by entering the building on the left of the Rainbow Conch market. Once inside, climb up the wall and drop into the water to access the tidepool. Navigate through the tidepool portals until you reach a private chamber. Look for the kid hiding on the left side behind some red coral, just below the chest in the left corner.

    Docarri Grandkid Location #2

    To find the second grandkid, head to the Item Shop on the northwest side of the village. Look for a sign with a pouch on it. Climb up the wall in the left corner of the shop, then drop down and use the tidepool. Take the first portal you see, and you’ll arrive at an extravagant private chamber. The small purple kid will be hiding behind the countertop at the top of the room.

    Docarri Grandkid Location #3

    Not far from the second grandkid, you’ll find the last one. Through the Item Shop tidepool, go to the far left corner and take the second portal. You’ll enter a private chamber where you’ll find the grandkid hiding behind the bed at the bottom left of the room.

    Once you’ve found all three grandkids, return to the Grandpa in Docarri Village. He will express his gratitude for finding them by rewarding you with a Rainbow Conch. You can then turn in the conch at the market and potentially receive a valuable prize.

    Explore the world of Sea of Stars and complete these side quests to not only earn rewards but also help out the various characters you encounter along your journey. Happy gaming!


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