Wordle Words: The 10 most common American words that might appear in everyday puzzles

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    Have you done the Wordle task for today yet? As we have seen before, some British players may get annoyed when American players choose different spellings for the daily five-letter word. Which brings up the question: what are the most popular American spellings to keep in mind when you play Wordle?

    Josh Wardle, who made Wordle, came up with the idea when he was with his partner and made a word game for them. Many people now play every day and post their scores on social media after trying to guess the six-letter word. “The game has grown beyond what I ever envisioned (although, I suppose that is not necessarily a good thing since I made the game for an audience of one)” says the person who made it.

    This is because Wordle is an American game that the New York Times just bought for a seven-figure sum. This means that some British players may be confused by some American forms. When British players try to guess a five-letter word, the small changes in spelling between English and American words often get them wrong.

    To help you remember how to spell five-letter words in American English (some may be six-letter words in British English), we have put together a list of the most popular American spellings of those words.

    In American English, after “OU,” there is only one “O.” This is one of the most common spelling changes between English and American English. Because of French impact, the British language uses “OU” more often, while the American spelling is more like the Latin ending “-OR.”

    Five-letter words that often have this difference are:

    RUMOR—like the one going around on Twitter today that a lot of British players do not like how the American spelling is used.

    We are doing you a service by letting you know how to spell words in American English.

    What caused a stir among British Wordlers on January 13 was FAVOR.

    COLOR: If you follow our tips, all of your tiles will turn green.

    ARMOR: These tips will keep you from losing the game, just like armor does.

    Honor, like the honor of being able to guess the Wordle newspaper before your following and friends.

    WORK: It can be hard work to solve the Wordle of the day.

    HUMOR – but you won’t find it amusing if you can’t guess today’s Wordle due to a US spelling.

    In American spelling, words that end in “RE” in English are written with a “ER.” This is another regular difference between American and English spelling. The “RE” ending comes from the French impact on British language. Americans, on the other hand, tend to use the harder “ER” sound to better show how words are pronounced.

    As an English player, if they guess LITER, they will have all the right letters in the wrong order.

    FIBER: This word may get you confused if it shows up in your daily Wordle with American writing. It is known for keeping you regular.

    Also, some American English words are made easier to read than British English words. For example, DONUT is an eight-letter word in British English but can be written as DONUT, which has only five letters in American English.

    Many people enjoy playing Wordle, but it is important to be aware of the small spelling changes between English and American words so you do not get frustrated when you have to guess the daily five-letter word.


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