Zynga sued over Draw Something and Words With Friends 2019 data breach

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    2 people have actually submitted a class-action grievance versus Zynga following a 2019 data breach that reportedly affected more than 172 million people Zynga admitted to the data beach where “specific gamer account info” was acquired by hackers in September 2019 At the time, the company said that login information for users of Draw Something and Words With Friends had been accessed. The company did not believe that financial information had been read.

    As of December 2019, the security website Have I Been Pwned ranked the data breach as the 10th largest hacks of user information. Zynga has not even confirmed how big the hack is.

    A hacker called Gnosticplayers informed The Hacker News in 2019 he accessed names, e-mail addresses, login IDs, contact numbers, hashed passwords, Facebook IDs, and more within the databreach He also said that he found “clear text passwords” for more than 7 million OMGPOP users. (OMGPOP made Draw Something, and Zynga bought it in 2013)

    Lawyers for the two complainants are filing the class-action suit against Zynga for “failure to fairly secure” gaming information and for not telling users quickly enough. They also say Zynga “unconscionably” lied to users about how safe and secure their user data was. A lot of children were linked to the breach, the complainants said.

    Zynga is an American company that makes FarmVille, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker, which are all popular mobile and social games. In 2019, it reported an everyday active user base of 20 million, according to USA Today It seems that 100 million players open its apps every month.

    The lawsuit says that millions of other people and the people who filed the complaint will be “imminently threatened with scams” for many years to come “because of the data breach and Zynga’s false and unconscionable conduct.”

    We asked Zynga for a comment, but they have not replied yet.


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