Android takes big win as Xiaomi takes charge of iPhone

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The Chinese brand Xiaomi has taken 2nd place in global sales (Image: XIAOMI)

Apple’s iPhone has dominated smartphone sales for years and is becoming the default choice for millions of people around the world. But this year, its baton was shaken by a lesser-known manufacturer selling full-featured 5G phones for just £129.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is known for its high-end Mi phones and more budget Redmi range. It has steadily grown in popularity in the UK since they hit the market here in 2018 and has swallowed market share worldwide.

However, the company’s reputation was shaken last year when a cybersecurity expert revealed that Xiaomi was collecting detailed information about its users. The data, including all websites and Google searches that users performed, was sent to servers in Singapore, Russia and China.

Despite the controversy, a report by analytics firm Canalys has revealed exponential growth between March and June this year, pushing it past Apple to take nearly a fifth of the global smartphone market. It is now second only to Samsung in total sales, having risen by 83% since last year. This is the first time the manufacturer has taken the coveted second place.

Smartphone sales

Smartphone sales – how the competition compares (Image: CHANNELS)

The news comes even though people are still buying fewer smartphones overall than before the pandemic.

It’s easy to see why Xiaomi has taken off. It is one of the many cheap Chinese phone brands such as Huawei and OnePlus that have managed to sell top features at low prices. The average phone is up to 75% cheaper than those from Samsung and Apple, even though most come with the same premium features. The 5G flagship Mi 11 (£749) comes with three cameras with a total of 108MP, HDR10+ video recording and wireless charging. Even the cheapest phones, like the £179 Redmi Note 10, have impressive battery life and 5G connectivity.

Technology expert Ben Stanton said Xiaomi’s smart business tactics also played a role. “The company’s shipments grew by more than 300% in Latin America, 150% in Africa and 50% in Western Europe. And as it grows, it evolves. It is now transforming its business model from challenger to incumbent.’

Meanwhile, iPhone sales slowed in the period leading up to Apple’s usual September launch date for new models, so things could change quickly once the rumored iPhone 13 is revealed later in the year.

As the “new kid on the block” when it comes to smartphones in the UK, you won’t find his phones for sale in the usual spots like Carphone Warehouse or Currys. But they are available directly on the company’s website and on Amazon.

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