Over 1 Million Players Have Downloaded The Lies Of P Demo

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Round 8 Studio’s “Lies Of P” Demo Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

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Round 8 Studio’s upcoming Pinocchio inspired Souls-like game, “Lies Of P”, is set to arrive this coming September, but if you’re keen to check it out now, there’s already a demo you can download and play.

A Game That Excites

It seems like there’s a lot of excitement surrounding “Lies Of P”. Round 8 Studio and publisher Neowiz have announced that the game has already surpassed 1 million downloads across all platforms.

“Lies of P reached 1 million demo downloads and it has been our pleasure to welcome so many new guests to Krat!” the game’s official Twitter page said in the announcement.

Try the Demo Now

The demo will remain available until June 27, 2023, so if you are curious about it, it’s best to begin playing the demo as soon as you can.

Inspired by Bloodborne

While “Lies Of P” is very much inspired by FromSoftware’s work, it takes most of its inspiration from the classic, “Bloodborne”, in more ways than one.

Impressions and Excitement

For more on “Lies Of P” and the demo, you can check out our impressions of the game based on playing through the demo.

See why we’re excited to jump further into Krat this September, especially while we still live in a world without a Bloodborne sequel, or at least a 60fps remaster.


Source – Round 8 Studio


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