Nintendo Sues Yuzu Emulator Developers for Enabling Switch Game Piracy

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Stephen Totilo, a Game File correspondent, uncovered a lawsuit where the game manufacturer contends that the “defendant and its associates are fully aware that Yuzu is being used by individuals for circumventing restrictions and engaging in piracy on a massive scale.”

As per Nintendo, Yuzu allows users to play unlicensed Switch games on Windows, Linux, or Android operating systems on their personal computers.

It is critical to highlight that the lawsuit alleges that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a highly popular Switch game from 2017, was illegally downloaded over one million times in the ten days leading up to its official release in May.

The company argues that once someone possesses Yuzu, there are no restrictions preventing them from acquiring and playing unauthorized copies of almost any game developed for the Nintendo Switch, all without compensating Nintendo or the numerous other game creators and publishers involved in producing and selling Switch games.

Effectively, Yuzu converts regular computers into tools that can be misused to commit significant copyright violations against Nintendo’s and other companies’ intellectual property.

Nintendo is seeking damages for the alleged violations and the discontinuation of the emulator.

The video game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was the second-highest selling game of the prior year, with over 20 million copies sold, trailing only Hogwarts Legacy in sales figures.

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